WJBzone Knife Handle

August 2005
I have a bunch of old butcher knives and machette's with bad handles. This is my first attempt at making a new handle.
The wood I am using is from a big limb that fell across my driveway a couple of years ago. I had to chainsaw my way out. The wood is Hackberry. It is very hard and has a nice grain. I'm not sure how good it will be for a handle.

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I mill each half of the knife handle and assemble later. I clamp the raw stock on my Jig as shown below. Mill the inside part of the handle and two pads 0.125" deep on each end. The pads will locate the material on the next operation

The holding jig is a 2 X 4 X 10 clamped to the table. I milled pockets 0.100" deep in the top to locate the pads milled on each end of my part.

Milling the top with the pads located in the fixture. I just mirrored all my first side programs to mill the second side of the handle using NCplot.

I set my tools using this indicator. Zero the indicator at Z=1" before removing the bit. Gives me a good match between tool lengths.

I have a couple of indicators at the home position of my X-Y travel to zero the machine. I set my program zero for this job at X4.000 Y 5.000.
I also have the Z indicator mounted here (magnetic to a bolted on plate) to check the height of my mill work.

I just got the monitor arm last week. (9$ at an auction). It makes things a lot easier.

Glued the insides of the handle and fit to blade, Pressed the rivet together and clamped it overnight.

4/3/06 - Got reminded to post the finished pics. (thanks Larry...)

It came out good for my first attempt. Both halves lined up nicely. Rivits pressed in nice and flush. I like the look and feel. My wife thinks it is a little thick. (She may be right)