WJBzone CNC Extra Pics

Here are the gantry sides and back.
I machined them out of 3/4" thick (Mic 6) aluminum plate.
The back is 3/8" thick 6061 plate.
I found all the material at a scrap yard for $1 per pound.
Spent about $100 total on all the aluminum.
I milled excess material out of the
gantry sides (down to about 1/4" thick) to reduce weight.
The flange around the sides keeps the strength .

Here is the YZ carriage.
Again, I mill excess material for weight reduction.

Below is the base and X-drive bars
The X-axis drive bar is made from 1 x 3.75" (6061 aluminum).
The base rails are 1 X 2 x 32
The base ends are 1 x 3.875 x 18

Below is the relay switch for the spindle motor
I can switch the cutter on/off with M3/M5 commands in my program.
It allows me to leave the machine running and go back to the house
while a long running program does its job.
If I don't get back when the programs finished, the router stops running.

This is my shop. Its a 24'X48' barn with a drop ceiling and a concrete floor.
I don't want to show a closeup shot without doing some cleanup.
It's located 150' behind the house, so I get away with a "little" extra mess.

I got this quikcollet from Sears.
I turned a 1/2" diameter steel dowel pin down to 12mm on the end that fits the quikcollet.
I can chuck on the 0.500" end in my porter cable router.
This allows me to change tools and have preset tool lengths.
Drawback is it adds a lot of length to the tool and there is extra vibration.

Here are some examples of my first CNC projects.
These are signs with raised letterering.
The letters are drawn in in Autocad (3d) and the gcode is exported using Tahlcam and gcodeout.lsp.

This is a sign I made for my mailbox.