WJBzone Projects

Major Repair to the house.
When we purchased the house, we got previous owners to reduce
the sell price because of this water damage to the floor joists and cap plate in the crawl space.
Water was dripping from the floor joists due to the damp soil under the house.
At times there was standing water down there.

I jacked the floor up and replaced the cap board and the joist ends.
I had a total of 24 jacks in place that I turned about 1/2 turn per day
over a 2-3 week period.
Raised the floor about 1.75".

To eliminate the moisture problem, I put in a drainage trench with a 4" pipe.
This keeps the water from collecting inside the crawl space.
I had to dig down under the footer (about 48" at the house) and
run the trench to the low area in front of the house. (150 ft long)
While I had the trench open, I ran a pvc pipe down to the front garden.
I can hook up a hose down there now to water the plants.
I rented a ditchwitch that could dig a 48" deep X 6" wide trench.
Going near those trees the first 50 feet was a real pain.
I used my riding mower to shove the dirt back in :)